We sell and install top quality Hayward Pool Products.

Hayward Pool Products are an efficient and convenient way to manage your pool.  Features such as touch screen controls and a mobile application make it easy to control all aspects of your pool as well as other features in your yard.  Tasks such as turning the heater on before you get home or adding chemicals can be easily completed from the palm of your hand.  The system can grow as your needs grow, so there is no worry of having to rip and replace as you add additional features and functionality.

Please read below for a few examples of the Hayward Pool Products that we support.

OmniLogicWith the OmniLogic control system you can enjoy the luxuries of full control from the industry’s most intuitive app and effortless upgrades to always keep your backyard on the cutting edge.




The VS Omni™ Variable-Speed Pumps with Smart Pool Control are the easiest, most affordable way to add convenient scheduling and smart control to your pool. Easily installed in existing pools, they control up to 4 products and integrate seamlessly with most brands of equipment. For more information click here.






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